Pfenninger Representation Group announces 2018-19 Signees

PRG is pleased to announce its roster of 6 signed 2019 NFL Draft eligible prospects and 2 free agent prospects.

Jhavonte Dean, DB, and Michael Smith, LB - University of Miami

Cole Herdman, TE, and D.J. Knox, RB - Purdue University

Rickey Neal Jr., DE/LB – University of Northern Iowa

Dwayne Brown, OG – Bethune-Cookman University

Kevin Olsen, QB - University of North Carolina-Charlotte- Free Agent

Joshua Green, Punter – Hanover College- Free Agent

CEO Austin Pfenninger comments “Each of our signees has pro football-caliber ability. We have them in specialized training programs and look forward to opportunities to showcase them to professional football leagues and teams.”