Contract Negotiations

We have expertise in the authoring, analysis, and negotiation of terms with a wide range of contracts, from private sector to government. This includes NFLPA certified agent capability for pro football. We obsess the details and are tough negotiators who find and articulate the best deals.


Our databases of corporate and other endorsement and sponsorship partners, combined with our mandate for landing solid deals for our clients, ensures that this important revenue stream is constantly attended to and updated. We will procure local campaigns to make sure our clients are faces of their communities as well as with national brands.

Client Representation and Advisory Solutions

PRG provides continuous business and advisory services for all clients relative to public presentation, business opportunity identification and development, endorsement evaluation, and other needs. Our marketing and public relations capabilities for clients include the full range of traditional and digital/social media communication. We don’t hide from challenges or conflicts, stepping up to keep our clients on the most favorable terms with the public, media, and sponsors.

PRG assists clients with an array of support services, whether in-house or on referral, including: Accounting; Financial forecasting, Business proposition analysis; Legal guidance. We can help answer questions, and craft solutions regarding financial, organizational, strategic, insurance/liability, investment, and other typical business processes.

For our NFL clients, we will help identify an NFLPA certified financial advisor to help with asset management. We are experienced in working with other experts in a seamless fashion to the benefit of our clients.

Career Planning

We take care to continually assess the possible career pathways available to our clients, certainly as endorsers and spokespersons, but also with an eye toward future opportunities and skills enhancement. PRG engages clients in regularly updated career path - scenario planning. For aspiring NFL players, this may involve pre-draft preparation (e.g., the NFL Combine) and conditioning, for example, followed by an ongoing support system and team effort to build a marketable presence across a playing career, with an eye for wealth accrual and long-term security. For most, this means a post-player career.

Behavioral Programming

Where required, we uniquely offer behavioral analysis. This includes early identification of potential derailment factors; consultation on testing and examination procedures players may face; and use of scientific concepts to shape pro-social, mature behavior.

Charitable Foundations

PRG is a large proponent of giving back to others. We are happy to assist and encourage our clients to start charities and foundations for their local communities and causes they believe in.

Legal Services

PRG has the capabilities to represent our clients in legal matters that should arise or can help assist with finding a specialty lawyer shall one be deemed necessary. We have extensive experience in mergers & acquisitions, trusts & estate planning, intellectual property, as well as navigating the NFL or MLB grievance processes.

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